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How Do You Fill In An Impounded Vehicle Release Form?

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If you've ever had the unfortunate experience of having your vehicle impounded in the UK, you'll know that the process to retrieve it involves more than just paying a fine. One of the important steps to regaining possession of your vehicle is understanding and correctly completing the Impounded Vehicle Release Form. This document is essential in proving to the authorities that all issues leading to the vehicle's impoundment have been addressed.

Understanding the Impounded Vehicle Release Form

When a vehicle is impounded in the UK, it is typically held at a secure pound, under the custody of either the local council or the police, depending on the reason for the impoundment. To retrieve the vehicle, the owner must provide evidence that they have addressed the issues which led to the impoundment. This is where the Impounded Vehicle Release Form comes into play.

The Impounded Vehicle Release Form is a document that must be completed and submitted to the relevant authority, in order to have the vehicle released from the pound. This form typically requires various pieces of information about the vehicle and it's owner, along with documentation proving that all issues have been addressed, such as:

  • Vehicle Information: this specifies the make, model, colour, vehicle identification number (VIN), and registration number of the impounded vehicle.
  • Owner Information: this includes the full name, address, and contact information of the vehicle's registered owner.
  • Impound Information: this covers details about the impoundment, such as the date and location where the vehicle was impounded, and the reason for the impoundment.
  • Documentation: depending on the reason for impoundment, different forms of documentation may be required to prove that the issues have been resolved. This can include proof of valid insurance, proof that any fines have been paid, or evidence that the vehicle has passed a roadworthiness test (ie an MOT).

In the UK, it is important to note that each police force or council may have their own specific version of the Impounded Vehicle Release Form, and as such, the requirements may vary slightly. Therefore, it's necessary to obtain the correct form from the authority that impounded the vehicle.

Completing the Form

When filling out the Impounded Vehicle Release Form, it is vital to be thorough and accurate. Any discrepancies between the information provided and the official records could result in delays in releasing your vehicle. It is also important to provide all required documentation; failing to do so could result in the application being rejected.

Submitting It

Once you have completed the form and gathered all necessary documentation, the next step is to submit these to the relevant authority. This could be at a specific police station or council office, or via an online portal, depending on the procedure of the local authority.

It is also important to note that a release fee is typically required at the time of submission. This fee varies depending on the authority and the length of time the vehicle has been impounded.

Appealing a Decision

If your application to release your impounded vehicle is denied, it is worth noting that you have the right to appeal this decision. In most cases, you should receive a notice outlining the reasons for the denial, along with instructions on how to appeal. The appeal process can involve submitting additional documentation, or rectifying errors in your original submission.

It's important to take this process seriously, as failure to retrieve your vehicle within a stipulated time can result in it being sold or scrapped to cover the costs of impoundment and storage.


Dealing with a vehicle impoundment can be a stressful and frustrating experience, but understanding the Impounded Vehicle Release Form and the process surrounding it can make the situation easier to navigate. Remember, the key to retrieving your vehicle lies in accurate completion of the form, providing the necessary documents, and addressing the issues that led to the impoundment in the first place.

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