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What is car impoundment?

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Car impoundment in the UK is an issue that affects thousands of drivers each year. Whilst we all hope to never face such a circumstance, understanding the details surrounding it can help prevent it's occurrence and guide you through the process if it does occur.

What is Car Impoundment?

It is the lawful seizure and storage of a vehicle by police or local authorities, owing to specific offences committed by the driver or car owner. Once impounded, the vehicle is stored in a secure area known as an impound lot until the issue is resolved.

Why Cars Are Impounded

The reasons vary. The most common cause is driving without valid insurance; according to the Motor Insurance Database, there are approximately one million uninsured drivers on UK roads, making this a significant issue.

Other reasons include driving a vehicle without proper taxation, illegally parked vehicles, cars involved in criminal activities, and untaxed foreign vehicles. It's important to note that these are not the only reasons for impoundment, but they do cover a substantial majority of cases.

The Impoundment Process

Upon impoundment, the vehicle is taken to a secure impound lot, and the owner is typically given a fixed period to reclaim the vehicle. The police will provide a seizure notice at the time of impoundment or send it to the owner's address. This notice details the reason for impoundment, how to retrieve the vehicle, and the penalties for not doing so.

Costs Associated with Impoundment

There are several costs associated with car impoundment. The primary cost is the release fee, which varies by jurisdiction, vehicle type and the difficulty of towing it, but it can run into hundreds of pounds. There is also a daily storage fee, again varying by area. If you do not reclaim your vehicle within the stipulated period, it could be destroyed or sold at auction.

Long-term, there may be an increase in your insurance premium following car impoundment. Insurance companies see it as a significant risk factor, often leading to higher insurance costs.

Impounded Car Insurance

If your car has been impounded, particularly for lack of insurance, obtaining impounded car insurance can be essential. Several UK insurance providers offer this specialised form of insurance, but it's important to note that these policies often come with higher premiums owing to the increased risk involved.


In certain cases, you might feel your car has been unfairly impounded, and you have the right to appeal to a local magistrates' court within 21 days of the impoundment. If your appeal is successful, your vehicle may be released without charge, or you may be compensated if it was sold or destroyed.

Understanding the Implications

Car impoundment is not just an inconvenience; it can carry severe implications. Apart from the financial impact, it can result in legal consequences, increased insurance premiums, and a potential decrease in your credit score.

Preventing Car Impoundment

The most effective way to avoid car impoundment is simple - always ensure your vehicle is legal to drive. This means maintaining valid insurance, keeping your vehicle tax up-to-date, and sticking to parking and traffic regulations. Regular checks of your car's MOT status, insurance renewal dates, and tax deadlines can go a long way in preventing an unfortunate impoundment incident.

Understanding the Law

It's essential to fully understand the laws relating to car impoundment in the UK. For instance, under Section 165A of the Road Traffic Act 1988, police officers have the power to seize any vehicle that's being driven without insurance or without a valid driving licence. A clear understanding of such laws can not only help you stay on the right side of the law but can also provide a better perspective if you ever find yourself dealing with an impoundment situation.

Getting the Right Help

In the unfortunate event of a car impoundment, you don’t have to navigate the process alone. There are many resources available to you. Legal experts can offer advice on your rights and help with any appeals, whilst insurance brokers can help you find suitable impounded car insurance. It's absolutely vital to seek assistance as soon as possible to minimise costs, hasten the return of your vehicle and reduce the risk of it's complete loss.

Financial Management Post-Impoundment

Car impoundment can put a strain on your finances. You'll need to manage these costs, from immediate outlays like retrieval fees and potential fines to longer-term expenses like increased insurance premiums.

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